• 30 Days to a Changed You™️

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A tool for the journey

The Opus Calendar was built to capture, track, and inspire what really matters: daily effort towards accomplishing whatever you aspire to.

Whether you're looking to change something specific about yourself in the next 30 days, or the next 300 days, Opus Objects is here to provide the tools to keep you accountable to yourself.


Use the Opus Calendar to...

Try a new diet

Keto, Vegan, Carnivore, or whatever challenges you.

Use the Opus Calendar to...

Build a meditation practice

10 minutes of breathing can make all the difference.

Use the Opus Calendar to...

Create: A YouTube channel. A blog. A business.

Spend 30 days hyper-focused on creation.

Use the Opus Calendar to...

Practice gratitude

What can 30 days of "Thank You" do to your spirit?

Use the Opus Calendar to...

Reinvent yourself

Only you know what that looks like.

Who is this for?

How it works


"Opus Calendar helped me break down my goal (keto diet) into the smallest, most achievable, action I could do every day. And I once got started, it was the perfect tool to help me stay on track."

Amelia C, October 2019


"It's easy to stray away from your original intention (develop a physical product) after you set a goal. Opus makes sure that doesn't happen."

Taylor E, December 2019

Thank You.

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