How the Opus Calendar works

Curious how the Opus Calendar works? The inspiration behind it? Read on to learn all of that and more in this handy guide.

What does the Opus Calendar do?

The Opus Calendar was built with one simple goal in mind. To help those who seek positive change in their own lives. To achieve that, the Opus Calendar will do a couple of things to serve you on your journey:

1. Create accountability

The Opus Calendar will be there to report on your successes and failures every day. Its minimal but bold design will make sure you notice it on your desk, bedside table, or kitchen counter. You will be able to quickly reference how many days in a row you've achieved your goal, how much progress you're making towards your goal, and any other notes you jot down along the way.

2. Inspire daily

The Opus Calendar will also inspire you to take action. With meditations on the side of each daily page, and a record of what you've achieved so far, you will be driven to continue your journey. Or at the very least, will be motivated to try again tomorrow.

3. Capture experience

The Opus Calendar was not designed to be a rigid checklist, but a living tool. Some days you're not going to hit your goal. Some days you're going to avoid the calendar altogether. The point is to reflect on your unique experience as often as you can so you learn about yourself throughout the process. Capture your biggest wins so you can reference them later for inspiration. Detail your most acute difficulties so you can plan for how to overcome them tomorrow.

The Pages

The Opus Calendar is a 30 day habit tracker/inspirational calendar/lifestyle journal. It's meant to be unique to whoever picks it up. That said, the below pages have some guidelines that everyone should follow:

Commit Page

This is where it all begins. Decide what you're going to take on in the next 30 days. Commit.

Start Here Page

A quick guide on how the calendar works. More importantly, a refresher on how to set the right goal.

Primer Questions Page

Build on why you've chosen the goal you have. Go one layer deeper. Or two.

Daily Pages

This is where the magic happens. Achieve, reflect repeat. No great thing is created suddenly.


There you have it. How to use the Opus Calendar and more importantly, why it matters.

Onward and upward,