Why we built Opus

Everyone wants to improve

Building habits is hard. Making changes in your life is hard. What’s not hard is thinking of ways to improve your life. What’s not hard is setting goals. What’s not hard is picking and prioritizing what in your life you’d like to make a little bit better.

Everyone has things about them that they’d like to improve. Personally, I would like to (1) “slow down” more often, (2) be more thoughtful about how I consume things and (3) be more intentional about how I spend my money.

I think the challenge is not coming up with goals or coming up with the things you would like to improve, but in deciding the right process that will enable you to accomplish what you ultimately want to accomplish.

As humans I think we take pride in building big, complex systems and in organizing the abstract. But when it comes down it, things as simple as flossing regularly or waking up early somehow don’t get done. Somehow we get caught up. Somehow we over-engineer how to get to our end goal. Instead of - focusing on getting the goal done. 

What I’ve found

If you google “productivity” or “how to get organized'' you will find legions of helpful (and unhelpful) information and articles that detail a million ways to structure your life and structure things in order to get what you want out of life.

What I’ve found, over a lifetime of chasing goals and habit changes, is that there are two things that give us to have the very best chance to improve ourselves and to accomplish our goals.

Those two things are SIMPLICITY and CONSTRAINT. Constraint primarily being time, and simplicity being the way you go about doing something.

What we do instead

But when it comes down to accomplishing goals and improving yourself, we forget about SIMPLICITY and CONSTRAINT. We typically don’t have a time constraint, it’s typically just “sometime” or “someday”. So what happens is that we regress to the human tendency to over-complicate and over-engineer the process to the point that we end up with a complex system that we couldn’t hope to stick to regularly. 

Some days, the system is not complex enough for how fast our brain is moving. But some days we struggle to take even the first step, let alone complete the process.

What we built

To marry these two values, of SIMPLICITY and CONSTRAINT, we have built the Opus Calendar, a 30 day calendar and journal that gives you together in one form: a progress tracker to chart how you are working towards your goal, an accountability mechanism to encourage you to continually engage with your chosen goal, and a built-in reflection journal to help you consider how you are making progress (or aren’t) day after day.

You have to do it

This calendar will not accomplish your goal for you. This calendar by itself won’t improve you. You have to improve you.

Hopefully, this calendar provides a system - the simplest one we could come up with - that will help you make real progress towards the changes in your life that you want. Hopefully, this calendar will be the simple partner you need to channel your energy into achieving something real.

I hope you enjoy what we put together, and I hope you take the mantra “simpler is better”, to get better.



Creator & User, Opus