Opus 30-day Calendar (2 in 1 Pack)

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The Opus Calendar is a tool for those seeking improvement, change, or challenge in their life. The first of its kind, the Opus Calendar is a companion for anyone challenging themselves to reach for more.

With built-in prompts to help guide your mission, daily reflections, and inspirational words from icons ancient and current, the Opus Calendar is designed for you to get the very most out of anything you set your mind to.

The Opus Calendar features:

  • 2 complete 30-day challenge calendars in 1 product
  • A minimal design to keep you focused on what matters- daily progress
  • A commitment page to begin your journey
  • A helpful guide on how to get the most out of the calendar
  • A list of "primers" for how you think about the next 30 days and the challenge you're setting for yourself
  • Daily pages featuring an inspiring meditation, a checkbox for if you achieved your goal, and an area for reflection, analysis, and free thought

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